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AI2 - Applied Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and computing that actively shape our world. By joining our school, you will have the opportunity to acquire the advanced skills necessary to master these revolutionary technologies.

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Who are we?

At AI2 (Applied Institute of Artificial Intelligence), we believe in the power of artificial intelligence to shape the future.

🎓 We are a higher education institution dedicated to AI! We offer top-notch training to prepare you to excel in this ever-evolving field.

📊📈 Our programs cover data science, data engineering, and data analysis, with a strong emphasis on the practical application of AI in various domains.

With our team of highly qualified professors and a range of research opportunities and partnerships, we are here to help you unlock your potential in the exciting world of artificial intelligence.

Boost Your Career:
Navigate through a sea of knowledge encompassing all AI disciplines: data science, engineering, analysis, computer vision, NLP, generative AI, and more.

AI2, Your Innovation Accelerator:
With us, every second counts! In addition to training you for the most sought-after tech jobs (Data Scientist, Engineer, Analyst, etc.), we support our AI students in starting their own AI startups! In addition to technical courses, we offer entrepreneurship and soft skills courses. Join us at AIAI and be part of the winners of the world of tomorrow with AI!

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The data professions in a few figures..

Data analyst demand growth by 2025 (McKinsey)
+ 0 %
Growing demand for data scientist by 2025 (McKinsey)
+ 0 %
Demand growth for data engineers by 2025 (McKinsey)
+ 0 %
Growing demand for product owner by 2025 (McKinsey)
+ 0 %
Junior data analyst salary (Glassdoor)
Data Scientist Junior (Glassdoor) salary
Junior Data Engineer Salary (Glassdoor)
Salary of a Product Owner (Glassdoor)

Your Path to Excellence: Two Exceptional Paths

📘 Initial Education: A solid foundation to enter the professional world with confidence.

🚀 Immersive Apprenticeship: Premier partnerships with CAC 40 giants such as Total, Thales, Carrefour, RATP, Stellantis, and Accor Hotels for direct professional experience.

Choose apprenticeship for a real-time dive into the world of work 💼. Real projects, expert mentorship, and mastery of skills coveted by employers starting now. Merge academic knowledge 📚 and practical skills for an immediate impact on your career.

The apprenticeship rhythm is 3 days in the workplace and 2 days at school. The advantage of this path is that tuition fees are covered by the employer.

➡️Get paid to study! 🎉🎉🎉

If you don’t feel ready to enter the professional world yet, opt for the initial education for a smooth transition into the workforce.

🎓 Build your knowledge while exploring relevant internships. Your education extends beyond the school benches; it spreads in the field. Choose your path to success and prepare for an exceptional future.

🌟 Join us now to shape tomorrow’s success!

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Companies that are recruting in the data field...

They need you as a Data specialist !
(Data scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer…)

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our training courses

Grande Ecole Program

bachelor cycle

Master’s Cycle

Specialized Master


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our degree

Discover our certifications

Level 7 Diploma (Bac+5) in Computer Science: Your Future Insured

AI2 issues a level 7 diploma (RNCP Title)  recognized by the French State (Title delivery ongoing)

This RNCP level 7 diploma, recognized by the French State, propel you towards careers with high potential in computer science and analysis.

Make the choice that secures your professional future

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our campuses

Come and discover our campuses!

Discover our Parisian campus!
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Ready to Propel Your Future in Data Science and AI?

Explore our programs to become an expert in artificial intelligence and data science. Choose yours and open the door to a bright future.


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