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 Learn how to join our community of passionate learners and get ready to shape the future of technology. Your future begins now.

The training at ai2

Discover our training program in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Management. A solid core prepares you for a promising career. From advanced data analysis to project management, develop your skills in these rapidly expanding areas. You work on real projects, in collaboration with industry professionals. Choose from our specializations in Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Engineering & DevOps to shape your future.

our training courses

Bachelor Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Explore the future of technology, develop cutting-edge skills and prepare for endless career opportunities. Join us for training that will propel you to excellence in these evolving fields. Your future begins here.

Master 2 Data Science and AI - Data Scientist

Explore the vast field of Data Science, master advanced techniques, and become a highly qualified Data Scientist. Your journey to an exciting career in the world of AI starts here.

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Master 2 Data Science and AI - Data Analyst

Master advanced skills in data analysis, spatial data mining and much more. Get ready to meet the growing demand for data science professionals.

Master 2 in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Connected Objects

In this specialization, you will dive into the heart of the technological revolution that is redefining the way we interact with the world around us. You will develop a unique expertise in the creation and management of applications and systems integrating Artificial Intelligence and Connected Objects.

Programme Grande Ecole
Master 1 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Gain cutting-edge skills, learn about the latest technologies and get ready to shape the future of Data Science and AI. Join us for an exceptional learning experience that will open up exciting new career opportunities. Your adventure begins here.


Choose from our advanced specializations, work on concrete projects, and become a sought-after expert. Your future begins here, at the heart of the technological revolution. Join us and turn your skills into endless opportunities.

Master 2 Data Science and AI - Data Engineering & DevOps

Dive into the future of data management with our Master 2 in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Data Engineering & DevOps. Gain advanced technical skills to manage, optimize and secure data infrastructures.

Our Grande Ecole Program in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Management is designed to provide you with comprehensive training and prepare you for a promising career in these rapidly expanding fields.

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Discover our exceptional programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and prepare for a promising career in the digital age.


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