Applied Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Cycle Master in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Explore the exciting future of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with our two-year Master’s program. In the first year, you will be immersed in a dynamic core curriculum that will lay the solid foundation for these growing fields.

Master in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Our Master 1 in Data Science and AI

In Master 1 – Core, you will delve into a variety of topics, from advanced algorithms to statistics and probabilities, interactive data visualization and continuous deployment. You will develop essential skills in Agile project management and AI basics, preparing you to tackle the complex challenges of the data and AI world.

Master 2 Data Science and AI

The second year, Master 2, will offer you a unique opportunity to specialize according to your professional passions and aspirations. You will be able to choose from exciting specialization paths: become a Data Analyst skilled in deep data analysis, become a Data Scientist able to manipulate advanced models and develop innovative AI solutions, or dive into the world of Data Engineering & DevOps, where you will manage data infrastructures with expertise.

Master in Data Science and AI

No matter which path you choose, our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence degree program will arm you with the skills and knowledge to shine in your career. Join us on this exciting learning journey and get ready to shape the ever-changing future of data science and AI.

AI2: Your gateway to an exciting AI career.

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Ingénieur en IA


Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Science Consultant

Master 1 Data Science and AI

During the Master 1, you will follow a common core that will allow you to develop a solid foundation in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Master 2 Specialist

Explore our Master 2 program and its unique specializations! Do you aspire to become a Data Science expert, a data analyst or a DevOps engineer? Connected Objects Engineer? Our Master is designed to make your dreams come true!

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Discover our exceptional programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and prepare for a promising career in the digital age.


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