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Cycle Bachelor en Data Science et Intelligence Artificielle

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Management? Our Bachelor’s program in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Management is designed to provide you with comprehensive training and prepare you for a promising career in these rapidly expanding fields.


Bachelor Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

By joining our program, you will gain the essential skills to excel in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, while developing a solid foundation in management. From advanced mathematics to data analysis to Python and R programming, you will master the tools and techniques needed to process, analyze and visualize data effectively. 

Our pedagogical approach is focused on practice and concrete learning. You will work on real projects, in collaboration with industry professionals, to put your knowledge into practice and develop innovative solutions. You will also develop project management, communication and leadership skills, essential for success in the professional world.

The program also includes courses focused on the Business and Management stream, allowing you to understand business processes, analyze business needs, and make data-driven strategic decisions. You will also develop skills in human resources management, operations management, project management and business strategy.

We offer you a stimulating learning environment, with expert instructors and cutting-edge resources. In addition, our program is constantly updated to reflect the latest technological advances and market trends in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Management.

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AI2: Your gateway to an exciting AI career.

The strengths of a Bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Discover the future with our Bachelor in Data Science, AI & Management at AI2!

Join our program and develop essential skills in Data Science and AI, while strengthening your management foundation. Our practical approach will allow you to work on concrete projects with industry professionals. You will also gain critical project management, communication and leadership skills for the sector.

Under the supervision of experts in Data Science and AI, our teachers use innovative methods to offer you cutting-edge training. Get ready to shape the future of these ever-changing areas by joining our program.

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Data Scientist

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Science Consultant

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Join our Bachelor program and prepare for an exciting career in rapidly expanding fields. Don’t miss the opportunity, sign up now to unleash your potential!


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